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O'Connor Hospital

For physician referral, call (800) 220-0182. For general information, call (408) 947-2500.

For physician referral, call (800) 220-0182. For general information, call (408) 947-2500.


 O'Connor Hospital

Financial Assistance

O'Connor Hospital, a not for profit acute care hospital, was established to serve the needs of the community. The hospital is committed to providing medical services to patients regardless of their ability to pay. O'Connor Hospital recognizes that not all patients have the financial resources to pay their hospital bill. This Plain Language Summary provides that basic information about our policy.

O'Connor Hospital Financial Assistance Policy

The Financial Assistance Program offers emergency and other medically necessary services at low cost or no cost to qualified patients. Whether patients are uninsured or underinsured, they can apply for financial assistance. Our staff will assist individuals in applying for eligible government health insurance programs and completing the financial assistance application, free of charge. Upon approval, patients may receive the following assistance:

0-200% of the Federal Poverty Level: 100% of patient balance

201-350% of the Federal Poverty Level: Patient balance discounted using lesser of the amount generally billed to a patient with insurance coverage OR the amount of payment the hospital would be paid by a government program, such as Medicare, Medi-cal or other government sponsored health programs.

Download the financial assistance policy and the application form

How to obtain copies of our Financial Assistance Policy and Applications

Visit our Eligibility and Enrollment Department at:

O'Connor Hospital
2105 Forest Ave
San Jose, CA 95128
Phone (888) 874-2585

Financial Assistance Policies and Applications are available in the following Languages: English and Spanish

Financial Assistance Policy

Plain Language Summaries